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Flue Renew Firelogs by Duraflame

Price: $15.89
Item Number: 903
Manufacturer: Rutland Hearth Products
Manufacturer Part No: 903
With the advent of modern air-tight woodstoves, the chance of creosote and soot depositing on the cool interior surfaces of the chimney is much greater than ever before. Slow burning fires mean cooler chimney temperatures and increased chance for this combustible build-up in the chimney. Ignited, creosote burns with a fury that sounds like a freight train and is capable of melting mortar and even setting the house on fire. Duraflame® flue-renew TM firelogs contain Rutland® Safe-T-Flue®, a proprietary chimney cleaner that modifies soot and creosote deposits in the chimney. Normally these deposits are flammable, sticky, tar-like, substances; however, flue-renew TM firelogs, used once a month in the fire, changes the creosote into a dry, loose, non-adhering deposit which flakes away and is easily brushed off. The use of flue-renewTM firelogs or any chemical creosote remover does not eliminate the need for a regular, professional chimney cleaning. For best results, and maximum safety, we recommend a professional chimney cleaning and a preventive maintenance program using flue-renew® firelogs to combat creosote build-up between professional cleanings. Logs are sold individually.

Technical: Base: Proprietary mixture of granular solids. Salt content: Contains no rock salt. Acid content:: None Alkaline Content: None (in dry state).