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Hand-Made, Weathered Wood Outdoor DOUBLE Ice Chest and YOU decorate it!

Price: $369.00
Item Number: Double Cooler
Manufacturer: (various)
Manufacturer Part No: Double Cooler
It's just like the pre-decorated ice chests except YOU get to pick the adornments! That's right, you choose whatever you want but usually each chest includes a handle, up to three small adornments for the top and one large one for the face. We'll attach them and you'll have a custom-made DOUBLE outdoor ice chest for the largest parties! (Just specify in the comments section of your order which items go where.)

This ice chest is shown here with Black Tres Hombres on the front, one each black or gold barn door handle and a pair of black or gold horseshoes, just as examples. You may also choose from the adornments below according to your budget and taste.

NOTE- this ice chest has TWO separate compartments! That means you can use either ONE or BOTH sides at the same time. Smaller party? Use just one side. Some other double units have one large cavity so you have to use both sides at once. Not ours!

These ice chests are each hand made here in Texas from old weathered wood, NOT stained wood. As a result there are no two exactly alike. AND, they all include an old-timey bottle opener!

Inside is a 1 1/2" thick styrofoam enclosure, which fits in the lid and box perfectly for a tight, cold-enclosing fit. WE do NOT use a non-insulated metal liner. We tried ours out and after THREE days there was still ice inside the box! Also included is a drain in the center bottom to make it easier to let the high-temperature (melted) ice free!

These "barn-wood" style ice chests add that rustic old charm feel to any outdoor gathering. They will continue to weather naturally and maintain the distinguished "weathered" look for years to come. All wood is lightly sanded for an even, smoother and better looking finish.

No need to worry about the wood fading, IT ALREADY IS! The materials are what is commonly called "barn wood" and are in fact very old materials but still very useful and strong. I guess you could say we're sort of recycling this stuff! In addition, we have a matching bar and trash receptacle available.

Approximate dimensions are (remember these are hand-built so it will vary a little from piece to piece) 32" tall, 50" left to right and 17" deep. A drain plug is included in the bottom for when the party is over.

Go ahead and get one, you'll be glad you did and your neighbors will be jealous!