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Price: $27.60
Item Number: 30360
Manufacturer: Rutland Hearth Products
Manufacturer Part No: 30360
"STACK-IT" Bracket Kit makes firewood storage racks without the need for tools.
Assemble Handy Firewood Storage Racks, Work Benches, Storage Shelves, Plant Stands in minutes, without tools.

This set of four (4) heavy-duty steel corner brackets lets you build two-by-four (2x4) racks, shelves and worktops in any convenient size. Select the2"x4" lumber of the right length, and add the brackets; you're done... it's that easy! (pressure treated wood is recommended for permanent outdoor projects) Add screws or nails in the pre-drilled bracket holes for added stability.
Stack-It You can use Stack-It Brackets -- for firewood, lumber, plywood, steel supplies and other stackable items.

Bench-It Use Stack-It Brackets with two-by-fours and plywood to build a sturdy work bench.

Shelve-It Stack-It Brackets combined with two-by-fours (or one-by-six boards) and plywood make great shelf systems for basement, garage workshop or pantry storage.

Stand-lt With Stack-It Brackets you can make a plant stand of any height, Length or width. Ideal for greenhouse potting stands. You can make a convenient workshop. basement, or garage storage rack. Just mount Stack-It Brackets to the wall and to vertical two-by-fours supported from above or below. Stash-It Stack-It Bracket projects can be easily dismantled without destroying the lumber. Thus you can move them or stash them out of the way for later use.

Keep your firewood high and dry Stack-It Bracket's unique design keeps your valuable firewood up to five inches above ground level -- safe from harmful ground moisture, pests, and decay. The raised design also permits faster drying of green wood for better and safer burning.

Adjusts to meet your log storage needs Whether you keep just a few logs on a small patio or store many cords Stack-It Bracket log racks can be adjusted to meet your needs. You can cut the two-by-fours that support the logs to any length you need.

Designed to accommodate oversize treated lumber For outdoor use, Stack-It Brackets can be used with two-by-fours that have been treated with preservative (they typically run oversize). We recommend treated lumber ~ outdoor log racks.
Indoor racks and shelves can be attractive, too For inside projects you can stain, varnish, or paint the two-by-fours. You could even paint the Stack-It Brackets (they come painted black). Patented and made tough in America The patented design and the strength of high quality steel make Stack-It Brackets virtually indestructible. And they are proudly made in America.

Simple, fast assembly You can put Stack-It Bracket log racks together quickly without tools, nails, screws or bolts. They have, however, holes for nails or screws if you choose to use them for extra rigidity. Some shelving and bench projects require the use of nails or screws.

NOTE: Choose your lumber with care. We carefully inspect Stack-It Brackets to ensure the highest quality. To ensure satisfactory assembly, select quality two by fours that are not split, cracked, warped twisted, or cupped.